Laser cut lamp shades

laser cut stitched lampshade

Fifti-fifti is a German company that designs, produces and sells lighting of different types. Their take-off lightis a unique lamp that is made of two pieces of paper that are laser cut with pattern so delicate it’s ideal for lasers.

That pattern can also be enlarged on the fly, changing the way the light passes through the shade. This opens a realm of possibilities with the interplay between light, shadow and pattern.

The paper sheets are fixed to the metal frame of the lamp using magnets. The lamp also comes with an instruction sheet, including patterns, that the user can copy or be inspired by. For those who want finished patterns, fifti-fifti also offers that option.


Laser cut acrylic necklaces (and how to care for acrylic jewellery)

laser cut necklace

Laser cut acrylic jewellery


This is named “ZEBRA necklace” and is apparently fabricated using a 3D printer.  Although to me it looks more like it was made using a laser cutter and some flat black acrylic.  But what do I know?!  I know people seem to confuse the idea of 3D printing and laser cutting all the time.  I’m sure the makers know what they were doing though 🙂

So it’s clever.  The series of strips gives flexibility to the necklace (like a variant on the Snij hinge), and connects with magnets, apparently.  I’d be a bit worried about how delicate it is, as thin acrylic can snap, especially where you ask it to take stress like at 90 or even 180 degree bends.  The clever thing here is any stress will be distributed over several points, so no one point will ever get overloaded.  That said, it’s maybe best to treat it with care.

Caring for acrylic jewellery

Generally speaking, acrylic jewellery is as low maintenance as it gets.  A quick wipe with a soft dry cloth will get rid of smears and smudges.  A tiny drop of washing up liquid on a damp cloth will help if anything stubborn has got on there.

Long term wear of your favourite piece of jewellery may end up with it being damaged through scuffing or scraping.  Worst case scenario, it ends up broken.  Most likely it’s joints that snap.  Anywhere where there’s a weak point is a potential candidate for breaking.

Repairing acrylic jewellery

If you did have to fix your broken acrylic jewellery, you’d be advised to use an acrylic cement such as Tensol 12 or Tensol 70.  Tensol 12 is quite viscous and fills gaps well without running (alternatives would be WeldOn 16 and Acryfix 192).

Tensol 70 on the other hand is a water-thin catalyst cement which is better for larger areas which need a stronger bond than Tensol 12.  It comes unmixed in two parts, which you mix together and apply through a fine syringe (if you ever wanted to play Doctor, now’s your chance).  So the surfaces to be joined must be smooth and clean so the cement flows evenly between them.  Capillary action is a term I don’t use very often, but it’s what’s going on here – the water-thin cement is drawn into the cracks and literally melts the acrylic it touches, creating a new layer of acrylic where there was a gap.  Tensol 70 is completely clear in colour and evaporates faster than you can say “that was quick”, so it’s pointless trying to wipe away any spills. Just get it right the first time.  Oh, and use a syringe with a non-rubber plunger as the solvent makes the rubber swell.

So, magnets are cool.  Laser cut acrylic necklaces are cool.  Mending acrylic jewellery is easy with some handy Tensol, but wear gloves and don’t breathe the fumes, kids.

We didn’t make it at mekkit, but we wish we did…

Source: ZEBRA necklace by Rentaro on Etsy

Cutting edge laser-cut lamps


We love these simple, yet elegant laser cut lamps.  Half lamp / half lampshade, self assembly, customisable, what’s not to like?!

laser cut lamp
Laser cut lamp


laser cut lamp kit components
Laser cut lamp kit
beautiful lazer cut lampshade
Beautiful collection of lazer cut lampshades


From their site:

Classical forms and contemporary techniques combined into really nice lamps. Without losing sight of comfort. Because of our non-directional-light method looking directly at the light source is made ​​almost impossible, creating an attractive show of light and shadow.
The large versions of the CP-series are also available in four shapes and six colors, but there are many more possibilities. So if you want something special, let us know and we can look into it together.

Laser cut snowflake competition results

prize snowflakes

So at the weekend I learned I should keep things simple.  And that most people are still not on twitter.  And that the ones that are mostly stopped using it.  Oh and to get people’s email addresses or phone numbers if there’s a prize involved.

Well at least I got a photo and the first name of the best design winner, mostly because there was a flurry of entries which were actually really good and I thought I’d better get some details.

So here is the prize, 15 laser cut birch ply snowflakes designed by Jennifer. There were excellent entries also from Amy, Alex and Richard.

prize snowflakes

Jennifer is the lady on the right in red in this photo. If anyone knows her, or if indeed you are Jennifer and you are reading this, please get in touch! Your prize is waiting for you in Wall of Art in Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

competition winner

Family laser cutting event at Manchester Craft and Design Centre

competition winner

Over the weekend of 7th and 8th December, will be back hosting a fabulous design and laser cutting event in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  Hosted at Manchester Craft and Design Centre, we will be giving you the opportunity to use a snowflake generator written by Simon Denvers (, which you can then have made straight away by the Epilog laser cutter  in card for free!

In addition, you will be able to order personalised products with your design on including:

  • tree decorations
  • cards
  • ear studs or ear drops
  • coasters

You will also get a lovely mekkit token for a discount on laser cutting and 3D printing at



Take a picture of your snowflake and tweet it with the hashtag #mekkit, and follow us on twitter (@mekkitcom) any time up to the 12th December, and you will be automatically entered into our Christmas competition with the lovely prizes below.

Prizes will be awarded by 13th December for:

  • best snowflake design over the weekend – 15 laser cut snowflakes in your design made in birch ply
  • best pic of your snowflake at home or in your office – win a 50cm tall laser cut tree
  • best original idea for a new product incorporating snowflakes – we will work with you to make a prototype
  • most unusual or inappropriate use of a snowflake – win a free hour of laser cutting

All decisions are final and will be made by an independent panel of judges.  Every endeavour will be made to make your prize available as soon as possible after the competition closes.  You will be able to collect your prize from Wall of Art, upstairs at the Craft and Design Centre.  Good luck!