The Amazing Visible City exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers

Species of Space exhibition

Species of Space : The Amazing Visible City

2 - 9 April 2016

Time: 10am - 6pm each day excluding the 3 and 4 of April

Price: Free

Laser cut paper art by Robert Powell

Robert Powell - Species of Space

In partnership with Edinburgh Science Festival, for one week only, exhibiting artist Robert Powell will take up residency in Gallery 2 of Edinburgh Printmakers during opening hours for a durational laser cutting demonstration.

Edinburgh Printmakers’ second gallery space will be converted into a temporary artist’s studio where Robert will work to complete his most recent artwork Species of Space. Throughout this event, the artist will be on-hand to demonstrate and discuss laser-cutting paper techniques, and answer any questions about the exhibition and his practice. Come along for a personal insight into this fantastic machinery and to find out more about the themes presented in the exhibition 'Species of Space'.

Robert will also be giving a talk on 1st April to discuss his inspiration and wider artistic practice.​

mekkit are proud to be supporting the exhibition through laser hire and guidance.

Species of Space exhibition

Robert Powell - Species of Space

Laser engraved iPhone 6S in 24K gold?

laser engraved iphone 6s


A snip at £2000.  Each.  If you want the Watch.  So that’s £4000.  But you do get a snazzy wooden presentation box to keep them both in.

Personally, I’d wear the watch and keep the iPhone in my pocket, or at least in my sight at all times (it’s bad enough dropping a regular iPhone down the toilet, never mind a gold plated one).

Could we laser engrave one of these?  Technically, yes, but whether it would look any good is another question.  If you are interested, we know a jewellery designer who does gold plating in her spare time.  It would cost you a lot less than £2000, but you wouldn’t get the snazzy box.

Source: You can pre-register for an iPhone 6S right now, and in 24K gold no less – Pocket-lint

Taiwan’s ITRI Unveils the Most Inexpensive Metal 3D Printer

3D printed gold metal

Does $325,000 sound cheap to you?  Maybe not, but in the world of 3D printing metals, that is cheap.  Today.  It may well not be tomorrow in the ultra competitive 3D printing market.


Do you geek out on 3D printing technical terms?  How about these:

  • Binder Jetting (BJ)
  • Material Jetting (MJ)
  • Powder Bed Fusion (PBF)
  • Vat Photo-polymerization (VA)
  • Directed Energy Deposition (DED)

That last one does it for me!

powder jewellery

It’s quite strange to see such a high tech piece of machinery hiding away what it’s done, only for it to be revealed by someone with a low tech paint brush.  For $325,000 I would want a gold plated paint brush 🙂

Source: Taiwan’s ITRI Unveils the Most Inexpensive Metal 3D Printer – 3D Printing Industry

Taiwan’s ITRI Unveils the Most Inexpensive Metal 3D Printer – 3D Printing Industry was originally published on | Manchester laser cutting | 3D printing | 2D and 3D design

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printed plaque for Manchester City

We offer a sublimation printing service to businesses and private customers in and around the Manchester area.  Sublimation printed plaques, sub printed aluminium sheet, sub printed coasters, sublimation printed mugs, lanyards etc. are all possible at a very reasonable price.  Artwork is no problem if you just have a sketch.  Fast turnaround – same day is possible (depending on workload!) for when you forgot to book the plaque for the grand opening tomorrow…

Sublimation printing was originally published on | Manchester laser cutting | 3D printing | 2D and 3D design

3D printing

Digital Forming 3D printed cufflinks

Here are some 3D printed works produced on the FormLabs Form1.  We’re happy to quote if you can email us your .stl file.  If it’s particularly large (>10MB)  it may be better to share it through Dropbox, or your favourite cloud sharing facility.

3D printing was originally published on | Manchester laser cutting | 3D printing | 2D and 3D design

Laser cut snowflake competition results

prize snowflakes

So at the weekend I learned I should keep things simple.  And that most people are still not on twitter.  And that the ones that are mostly stopped using it.  Oh and to get people’s email addresses or phone numbers if there’s a prize involved.

Well at least I got a photo and the first name of the best design winner, mostly because there was a flurry of entries which were actually really good and I thought I’d better get some details.

So here is the prize, 15 laser cut birch ply snowflakes designed by Jennifer. There were excellent entries also from Amy, Alex and Richard.

prize snowflakes

Jennifer is the lady on the right in red in this photo. If anyone knows her, or if indeed you are Jennifer and you are reading this, please get in touch! Your prize is waiting for you in Wall of Art in Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

competition winner

Family laser cutting event at Manchester Craft and Design Centre

competition winner

Over the weekend of 7th and 8th December, will be back hosting a fabulous design and laser cutting event in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  Hosted at Manchester Craft and Design Centre, we will be giving you the opportunity to use a snowflake generator written by Simon Denvers (, which you can then have made straight away by the Epilog laser cutter  in card for free!

In addition, you will be able to order personalised products with your design on including:

  • tree decorations
  • cards
  • ear studs or ear drops
  • coasters

You will also get a lovely mekkit token for a discount on laser cutting and 3D printing at



Take a picture of your snowflake and tweet it with the hashtag #mekkit, and follow us on twitter (@mekkitcom) any time up to the 12th December, and you will be automatically entered into our Christmas competition with the lovely prizes below.

Prizes will be awarded by 13th December for:

  • best snowflake design over the weekend – 15 laser cut snowflakes in your design made in birch ply
  • best pic of your snowflake at home or in your office – win a 50cm tall laser cut tree
  • best original idea for a new product incorporating snowflakes – we will work with you to make a prototype
  • most unusual or inappropriate use of a snowflake – win a free hour of laser cutting

All decisions are final and will be made by an independent panel of judges.  Every endeavour will be made to make your prize available as soon as possible after the competition closes.  You will be able to collect your prize from Wall of Art, upstairs at the Craft and Design Centre.  Good luck!