Lasercut Loveliness: Ian Penney’s Filigree Collection

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We have collaborated with paper artist Ian Penney to create the Filigree collection, an exquisitely dreamy quartet of lasercut Greeting Cards.

The Filigree collection is a dazzling interplay between the delicate and the bold, as the intricate lace-like lasercutting is drenched in punchy block colours that contrast crisply with the background. The resulting silhouette effect is simply sublime, particularly when the cards stand open and shadows add an extra dimension to the designs.

The cards feature matching illustrated panels on the reverse, for writing messages… although we think that handwriting peeking through lasercut looks really rather lovely! Either way, these cards truly do justice to Penney’s striking original artwork. Have a look:


See Filigree on the Roger la Borde Website

Visit Ian Penney’s Website

Laser engraved iPhone 6S in 24K gold?

laser engraved iphone 6s


A snip at £2000.  Each.  If you want the Watch.  So that’s £4000.  But you do get a snazzy wooden presentation box to keep them both in.

Personally, I’d wear the watch and keep the iPhone in my pocket, or at least in my sight at all times (it’s bad enough dropping a regular iPhone down the toilet, never mind a gold plated one).

Could we laser engrave one of these?  Technically, yes, but whether it would look any good is another question.  If you are interested, we know a jewellery designer who does gold plating in her spare time.  It would cost you a lot less than £2000, but you wouldn’t get the snazzy box.

Source: You can pre-register for an iPhone 6S right now, and in 24K gold no less – Pocket-lint

Toast: iPhone case

laser engraved iphone case


These were an interesting idea around 3 or 4 years ago – a slice of laser engraved veneer which you stick directly onto your iphone.  They looked great, but functionally they weren’t so good.


Problem was they didn’t protect the most vulnerable parts of your phone – the edges – as they weren’t actually a case.  Much better idea would have been to adapt an existing case (e.g. a sublimation case) and attach the veneer to that.

Still, the idea was nice and some of the designs were good!



Source: Toast: iPhone case —


lazer engraved beaker earrings
Laser engraved beaker earrings

Ideal for your chemistry teacher as a leaving present from school.  Or maybe to give to a keen chemist?  Or just someone who’s a bit geeky!

These are called quite simply “chemistry beaker earrings” which is, you know, pretty descriptive.  From Etsy seller Laser Addiction, they’re laser cut and engraved from fluorescent orange acrylic.