Laser cutting paper and card

A perfect material for laser cutting and laser engraving.  Quick to cut, clean, looks great.

Only thing to be aware of really is that some papers and cards/mount boards don't cut entirely cleanly, depending on what the manufacturers have included in the formulation.  It's always best to test before committing to buy a large stock.  We can advise if you're looking for a bulk order.

Also, coatings often added to printer papers can leave a powdery residue and "fishy" smell which does clear over a few hours.​  These coatings are thin coats of optical brighteners including clay and UV absorption agents. They also add a gloss or silk finish to the paper, which can help images "pop" from the page. When cut with the laser they cause no problems, but do tend to leave a bit of a smell and chalky residue.  The smell clears within hours and the residue can be removed by simply tapping or wafting the paper or card.

Laser cutting mountboard is another option.  We've used a lot of mountboard over the last few years and have settled on Daler Rowney as the best in terms of choice, quality, availability, price and laser friendliness. ​

laser cut paper

laser cut mountboard for wedding name places