PTFE sheet

Cutting PTFE sheet with a laser – a tough, industrial material to work with

PTFE is most definitely an industrial material. It’s perhaps the toughest material that can be cut with a CO2 laser, offering great resilience against the oils, acids, heat and frictional processes that frequently occur in manufacturing and engineering processes.

Manufactured boards of PTFE, in thicknesses of up to 10mm, are available in very large sheet sizes, and are well priced alternatives to mild steel for prototyping, and easily machined with a laser.  They are frequently used to produce very long lasting gaskets and electrical insulators.

We can cut and engrave PTFE up to 10mm. It cuts very cleanly, albeit slowly, leaving no sticky residue.

Benefits of laser cutting PTFE

  • Very clean cut, slightly chalky residue which is easily removed with soap and water and light abrasion
  • Our high power lasers make light work of PTFE sheet up to 10mm thick
  • All PTFE sheet can be sourced locally to us as required

Drawbacks of laser cutting PTFE

  • Toxic fumes
  • Can be slower to cut than other materials

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