Laser engraved rubber stamps

Rubber sheet, whether natural or man made, is an excellent choice of material for stamps. You are not limited to the tiny stamps you regularly see in craft shops - with your own custom designed stamps you can go right up to an A4 sheet in size.  Though at that size they're quite tricky to use.  You're better off having a number of smaller stamps engraved on the whole sheet, which you can then cut up into individual stamps.

If you order several stamps at the same time it works out to be incredibly cost effective​

We stock specially sourced Spanish laser rubber which is around 1.5mm thick. Using this wonderful material, you can lay out your stamp artwork as you wish, and we will engrave and cut out your artwork, then deliver it to you ready to mount on wooden or acrylic stamps.

Our laser rubber emits a much lower odour when lasered. It processes cleanly and uniformly, producing perfect quality rubber stamps every time.

Benefits of laser engraving rubber

  • low odour, fast processing, high resolution
  • great price point for a quality rubber stamp substrate
  • potential to save money when you have a number of small stamps, or large stamps to produce

Drawbacks of laser engraving rubber

  • not many to speak of
  • low odour doesn't mean odour free - it still smells bad!