Custom made stamps

Yet again, the laser engraved trumps all other methods of production with the humble stamp!  It's a very quick process to turn an image, a logo, words (any font of course!), a doodle, whatever you can think of into a stamp. 

The stamp material is a special "low odour" rubber.  This is because if we were to use conventional rubber, the stench in our laser cutting studio would be unbearable.  Although it does get pretty hummy (and hot) in there sometimes, we try to keep the smell down.  That said, low odour is a relative term, and you wouldn't want to spend too long sniffing it!​

Providing your artwork is laser ready - meaning high res black and white image or vector - the Epilogs are built to handle stamp making by default.  If you have several to make, the largest sheet size of laser rubber is A4.  We're not sure what the smallest stamp you could physically make is, but it's probably about 5mm square.

You're not limited to laser rubber of course.  A client - Deiniol Williams - wanted stamps making ​to imprint his logo into the bottom of his gorgeous hand made ceramics. He supplied us with some highly resinous wood which would resist the dampness of the clay he uses without being too "sucky".

laser etched ceramic stamps

Engraved stamps ready to be cut out on Deiniol's rusty bandsaw

Laser Cut Ceramics

Some of Deiniol's tiles

You can browse loads more great examples of lazer cutting and engraving on our blog. To find out more, see our laser cutting service page.

Wedding invite stamp

Wedding save the date - laser engraved rubber  at A5 size, stamped onto some sanded birch ply