Laser engraving

Laser technology is a great way to produce various high quality products and gifts.  Apart from physically making a product such as a laser cut wooden box, you can embellish it with text and images at the same time, making it unique and personalised.

Most items can be engraved successfully, depending on the the detail of the design​ and final size.  You can get an incredible amount of detail using the Epilog lasers as they engrave up to 1200dpi.

You can browse loads more great examples of lazer cutting and engraving on our blog. To find out more, see our laser cutting service page.

laser engraved art
This wooden engraving was produced from original artwork by artist John Kimpton.  It was scanned on our Epson GT15000 at 600dpi, then engraved onto 3mm birch ply on the Epilog Mini 18 at the same dpi.  The result is crystal clear and an exact reproduction of the artist's original work on a new medium.
laser engraving wooden sign
A wooden plaque for a customer who wanted their logo engraved into wood.  Their artwork was all ready to go and we supplied the material, so this was a quick and easy job for all concerned!
laser engraved spoons
We turned these spoons round and hand delivered them within 24 hours, for a corporate customer who had been let down by a certain vendor who you won't find on the high street!  They required them as the main prop for a corporate video shoot the next day, otherwise it was going to be cancelled.  Normally we ask for a bit more time but we were happy to help them out of their fix - hand delivered and whisked away at Manchester Piccadilly Station!
These stones were brought to us by a customer who wanted them engraved with uplifting words.  She found them on the beach on Anglesey.  Using the Epilog Mini 18 for its ease of use and enhanced engraving features, it was an easy job to produce the etched stones.  The result is medium to high contrast physical engraving of stone, which will last forever.
Laser etching kisses and amore on stone
laser etched hip flask
Suzanne approached us with a favourite sketch her boyfriend had made. She wanted to give him a unique gift and asked if it was possible to engrave it onto a hip flask.  Using Cermark spray, it was indeed possible, and the resulting black engraving was bonded to the metal, leaving it with a slight texture.