Coding and marking for asset protection and ID

As the laser physically removes a layer of material from an item in the engraving or etching process, it's an ideal way to make a permanent mark on a variety of items.  In fact, laser marking is required on some safety related items, as it's one of the marking processes not to dissolve or be adversely affected by heat.

An unobtrusive mark can be‚Äč made on any item which has a flat portion.  Or for asset protection, the mark can be made large and visible to deter theft.

The mark can be letters, numbers, barcodes, logos, images, or any combination.  Progressive serial numbers can be generated and applied.

laser coding safety glasses
laser coding safety glasses
laser marking goggles
laser marking polycarbonate safety glasses

Laserable aluminium sheets are available in various shades (gold, silver, bronze etc.) which can be marked with the laser quickly and easily.  We can then cut these up to create small tags to be applied to machinery or high end products, for example boxed gifts..